Chinese language? Why should I learn to speak one? A good question really, to which there are many answers.

  1. Maybe your company may start negotiating with Chinese
    suppliers and you could be the top negotiator.
  2. Maybe your company may start supplying to China and
    you could be the top salesperson.
  3. You may want to go on a holiday to see the Great Wall
    of China and it would make it a lot easier if you could speak the lingo.
  4. Maybe you have a Chinese girl/boyfriend who you would
    like to impress.

The list goes on and on but what ever the reason, now is the time to learn. Not tomorrow. Not next year. Today.

It is a known fact that the earlier you learn another language the easier it is to do so.  So today is better than tomorrow. One of the easiest ways to learn Mandarin or Cantonese is using the Pimsleur Language Learning Technique - a highly effective and proven method to learn a new lanugage quickly and easily.

The first question - which Chinese language? Just to confuse things, there are 7 regional groups of the Chinese languages - or 13 regional groups, depending on which classification scheme you use. The most spoken language is Mandarin (spoken by about 850 million people), then Wu (about 90 million people), Min (about 70 million people) and Cantonese (also by about 70 million people).

The bigger question, and probably the harder one to answer, is:- How?

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There are so many answers to that question.  Some people say you should do an exam class and learn all the verbs, tenses, sentence construction, characters, etc.  Others reckon the easiest way is to have conversations with a native speaker of Chinese. Maybe you could have a radio playing in the background with Chinese being spoken on it all the time, that is if you can find a station that deals entirely with Chinese.  Reading a dictionary is really a bit hard and maybe boring too.

Hopefully this site will be able to answer some, if not all, of those questions for you. If not, try out this forum.

Good luck